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Data Visualisation with Python


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Full course description

Explore the art of visualizing data using Python! This course dives into powerful visualization libraries, teaching techniques to create impactful charts, graphs, and interactive plots to convey complex information with clarity and precision.

Python based skills support visualization transforms data to communicate answers, provide strategic insights, and inform tactical, operational, and business outcomes. Transforming tabular data into effective visualizations to answer important questions is far more complex than plotting some variables on an x- and y-axis. We will explore the Python visualization packages, Seaborn and Matplotlib in this course, covering alternative visualization approaches, improving visualizations and building dashboard and interactive visualizations.

This course has four learning outcomes:

  1. Utilize Python plotting libraries to create a visualization workflow
  2. Create exploratory visualizations in Python to identify and communicate insights
  3. Customize plots using Python plotting libraries, including using custom colors, markers, and styles
  4. Critically reflect on learning by justifying approaches taken to create the data visualization workflow, and addressing the ethical issues in specific organizational contexts.