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Test Data Analytics with Python



Full course description

Individuals that can combine foundational skills such as data wrangling and statistical analysis with the use of Python can quickly gain traction in this growing field as business analysts or data analysts.

Understanding Python and its application in data analysis is an invaluable skill. This course, designed for students with no programming experience, provides you with an introduction to Python Programming and intermediate Python for data analysis with a focus on data ingestion and data manipulation with Pandas. At the end of the course, you’ll conduct exploratory data analysis on a data set and submit your code through a Jupyter Notebook.

What will you learn?

  1. Perform advanced analysis of data in Python to inform and achieve organisational objectives.
  2. Achieve analysis objectives within specific organisational contexts by comparing a variety of Python libraries to create relevant use cases.
  3. Use Python to wrangle data into specified formats to support organisational decision-making.
  4. Critically reflect by justifying the approaches taken to create data solutions and address ethical issues in specific organisational contexts.


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